We all live day-to-day in an age where we know little about the objects that we interact with on a daily basis. For the most part, nearly every item that we have purchased is the result of a mass produced system, and we often have little or no connection with how objects are made, who makes them, or what their environmental or social impacts might be. At the Kerr Watson Studio we tend to think otherwise & make the argument that the days of the specialised craftsmen are not over. At the Kerr Watson Studio we believe in the value of making every product by hand and therefore strengthening the relationship between craftsman and consumer. We work with the finest British tanneries and seek out the best in Scottish Wool manufacturers when sourcing materials for all our accessories, bags and clothing. The  Kerr Watson Studio was founded in 2011 by designer and maker, Kerr Alexander Watson. Simple yet elegant design is what lies at the creation of every piece of his distinctly modern contemporary products.
If you have a specific enquiry please contact us at hello@kerrwatson.com or keep up to date with us on Facebook.